Our objective here is relatively simple: to express what the land has to offer – without compromise. Every block, every row and vine has a story to tell and communicating each one of them is a great passion of mine and our team. From the moment we identified these distinctive sites, the hard work of capturing their sense of place was already underway. It continues today, perhaps with an even more assiduous approach, because every one of us has a level of intimacy with each vineyard and the desire to showcase their individuality.


Paul Hobbs and team walk through our estate vineyard in Napa Valley

保罗·霍布斯(Paul Hobbs)和团队参观了我们位于纳帕谷(Napa Valley)的庄园葡萄园



A piece of volcanic rock found in our soils at Nathan Coombs Estate


To achieve what we’ve set out to do, there is no dividing line between the vineyard and the cellar; it’s a continuous flow of information, discovery, and perseverance. Above all, winemaking comes down to farming, and our team is steadfast in preserving the integrity of the fruit from where it came through a minimalist approach to crafting wine. What we expect in the glass is the inherent energy we feel from the site as if we were stepping onto the vineyard and catching its scent, sensing its coolness or warmth, and observing its soil.


Our team is steadfast in preserving the integrity of the fruit from where it came through a minimalist approach to crafting wine.


Enabling this to transpire is paramount, and so we continue to refine our practices to allow the components particular to each site to be preserved throughout the process. We hand harvest our grapes with hand sheers to keep the fruit intact; when it arrives they look as pristine as it did on the vine. The grapes are fermented using native yeasts that originate from the vineyard and in the cellar, allowing for increased complexity, aromas, flavors and textures unique to where they came from. All our wines are aged in finely grained French oak barrels; the wood is less porous and slowly introduces oxygen into the wine without sacrificing the characteristics of the variety and site. Once seamless integration is achieved, the wine is bottled unfined and unfiltered, upholding the purity of fruit.



Study and contemplation at our winery



Ensuring a sense of place from vine to glass


Our focus on ensuring nothing is lost from vine to glass requires that we devote time to analyze the wine throughout its journey and take copious notes, recording each site’s defining features. It’s an amalgamation of science and artistry that enables us to learn all there is to know and constantly improve quality. Despite the adulation that one wine may receive, we are unwavering in our pursuit of crafting perfect vineyard expressions year after year.



Getting to know our vineyards by walking them each day


A vintage is different every year; it’s never a recipe, but I strive to create richly textured wines of great intensity, complexity, structure and balance that reflect the specific personality of each vineyard site. My hope is that the true character of each of our vineyard designate wines and the connection to these elements is revealed to you every time you open a bottle.